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Our Story


Phenomenal Boys and Girls were founded by Osalita Williams. Osalita believes that each child should have the ability to attend summer camp, irrespective of their financial and social background. As a mother, she understands how difficult and costly it can be. Her aim is to provide resources and accessibility to summer camp for children from all walks of life.



Our Vision


To provide a safe and secure environment for children and youth to cultivate their God-given talents and abilities while finding their voices in a diverse and dynamic world.

Our Mission 

To empower children and youths to thrive, equip them to lead, enable them to contribute and inspire them to love.


We celebrate diversity, authenticity, and achievement by encouraging children and youth to create and pursue opportunities for excellence, leadership, significance, and contribution.

Phenomenal Boys & Girls is a mentorship program that creates pathways to promising futures by tapping into the purpose, passion, and potential of children and youths.

Core Values 

  •      Caring


  •      Honesty


  •      Respect


  •      Responsibility