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Clothing and Personal Items

Campers must be dressed in the appropriate attire for the weather and camp activities. Camp will be held indoors and outdoors.

Ensure that your entire child’s belongs are labelled. All valuable items should be kept at home. Phenomenal Boys and Girls Club staff, camp counselors and volunteers cannot assume responsibility for lost items.




Parents/legal guardian (s) will be asked to sign a consent form for Phenomenal Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp to use for any social media and marketing ads. If Parents/legal guardian (s) wishes to take pictures with their child at camp, parents may do so with only their child.



Arrival and Departure

Parents/legal guardian (s) must sign their child in and out of each day. Parents/legal guardian (s), must provide a written and signed letter, if on the event that someone else will be picking up their child. Under no circumstances will the staff, camp counselors and volunteers are permitted to release a child without a signed letter from parents/legal guardian (s). Letter must be given directly to a camp staff. We will be asking for 1 piece of ID from the person that will be picking up the child.



Accidents and Incidents

Staff, camp counselors and volunteers are trained in First Aid and CPR. If you child is injured; staff, camp counselors and volunteers will first aid as required. In an emergency 911 will be called, your child will be accompanied to the nearest hospital. Parents/legal guardian (s), will be notified immediately and will be asked to meet the accompanying staff at the hospital.


Medication and Illness

All prescribed mediation will be locked in a medication cabinet, until it is to be ministered. Parents/legal guardian (s) will need to fill out a form known as consent to administer medication. This form must be dated and signed and will be kept in Phenomenal Boys and Girls Club file. Parents/legal guardian (s) must provide the exact does required with specific details.


Medication must be given directly to camp staff daily and picked up at the end of the day. Parents/legal guardian (s) will be asking to pick up their child if the child becomes ill during the course of the day. If in the event that, parents/legal guardian (s) cannot pick up their child the emergency contacts will be contacted for immediate pick up. Parents/legal guardian (s) is expected to keep their child home until they are full optimal health.


Sun Safety

Sunscreen should be labelled and brought to camp daily with campers. Please do not send sunscreen that contains nuts. Campers will be reminded to apply and reapply sunscreen thought out the course of the day. Staff will only apply sunscreen on campers if written permission is given. Staff will be permitted to apply sunscreen in the presence of another staff.